The world is faster these days, lives are busier and we have more commitments. It actually happened. We grew up. We have less time to simply play on our bikes – and too often a curve ball cuts into that precious time. Less playing and exploring time means it takes longer to improve and get to that next level. But there is a shortcut. Yes, you could spend you hard earned dosh on a fancy new bike – you’ll look real flash… sitting still. But let’s face it, if you ain’t got the skills then it doesn’t matter what you’re sitting on. Instead why not invest in yourself and get a lesson. Or “coaching session”, if you’d rather call it that.

The focus this year has turned to providing that next step. Two of MW’s coaches, Alex Kinglsey and Briana Lobb, have taken the lead on this providing progression sessions tailored for riders based on their specific requirements, whether it be drops, roots, rocks or jumps. Both are competitive riders, and that along with extensive coaching experience and styles that riders trust, has proven to be a winning combination.

Our Story

On a trip back to Scotland in 2009, Jo Guest met the crew from ‘Dirt School’, who had been running mountain bike skills courses for a couple of years. With a taste for what was possible she returned to Wanaka and set about finding the group of enthusiastic, like-minded people to help her bring to life what is now Mission WOW. With a draft MTB skills course structure in hand, Mission WOW now had a clearer and more defined purpose for the dirt component.

Jo Guest- Founder & Operator

MTB Coach, life long learner of surfing, mountain dweller, lover of being outdoors

With a background in Zoology and Primary & Secondary School teaching a career in event management was a natural direction to choose. Happiest in the outdoor.

Alex Kingsley- MTB Coach, Bike & suspension technician, Enduro Racer & Dad

There are many people who choose to put their bikes away during the colder months, however Alex Kingsley is not one of them. Alex shares the opinion that the forest comes alive as the temperature drops. The soil is grippier, the smell of the pines is pleasurably sweet, and the crisp air gives your lungs a boost of excitement, Spoke Magazine Oct 2017

Brianna Lobb- MTB Coach, Phys-Ed & Secondary School Teacher, Enduro & Cross-Country racer

Having grown up playing many different sports and choosing to pursue soccer and track and field into university, she decided to try a new sport at the age of 25, and mountain biking sounded like a sweet one to give a go. So she bought a bike, started riding everyday, fell and crashed a lot, hired a coach and within two seasons of focused training and competing earned a UCI elite level status in mountain biking. Brianna also spends her time doing other activities such as skiing, hiking, rock-climbing, water sports and anything else involving the great outdoors!

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